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Rye is harvested in the form of kernels - small, oblong pieces of grain that almost look like seeds. It's typically found in the form of flour or flakes (similar to rolled oats) and is high in nutrients like selenium, phosphorus, protein and magensium.

Aside from the flour or flake form, it can also be added directly to oatmeal or even made into a side dish similar to long rice. Rye readily absorbs water, making you feel fuller when consumed, but means extra water should be consumed.

When cooking, begin by rinsing and use 1 part rye to 2-3 parts water (or broth) should be used. Simmer for about 90 minutes, or soak overnight and simmer for 40 minutes.

A 100g serving of rye gives you 15g of fiber and 15g of protein, making it exceptionally nutrient dense.

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