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Recipes Program


We're a new Canadian supplier who is looking for Canadian bloggers that love cooking and baking, and want to show others how to make delicious wheat-free cakes, muffins, cookies and more.

Previous experience baking with almond flour or coconut flour is not necessary. Please specify which you would prefer.

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You'll receive:
  • Almond Flour or Coconut Flour
  • A couple recipes to get you started
  • 30-day coupon for followers to buy and try for themselves!

What are we looking for?

  • Take great pictures during the baking to make it easy-to-follow
  • Publish the recipe on your site and let your followers know where you got the products
  • Rights to re-publish the recipe on our site for other Canadians!
  • Optional (Recommended): Publish to Twitter/Pinterest/Facebook/Instagram

We'll be looking for the top blogs to work with as brand ambassadors on an ongoing basis, who will receive new products (nuts, seeds, flour, coffee, etc) monthly. 

Disclaimer: You'll typically need to disclaim to your readers that you were provided with the product.



Please include blog address and City/Province.