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Salted Almonds, Roasted Almonds, California Almonds.

Shipped from right in Canada, you'll get your almonds quickly and safely without spoiling. Unlike buying the U.S., you won't have to worry about taxes, duties, import fees or border charges! 

Bulk Nuts Canada is proud to supply healthy almonds that can be snacked on, use in cooking or baking as almond butter, blended into smoothies, tossed on salads or chopped and put on granola or oatmeal, mixed with other nuts, crushed into almond flour or made into almond milk. With fast shipping, you can stock up or order on a regular basis.

Health Benefits of Almonds

Packed with Anti-Oxidants. Almonds contain one of the highest concentrations of alpha-tocopherol, a readily-absorbed form of vitamin E. A powerful anti-oxidant, Vitamin E helps protect against cellular damage of free radicals, helping your body create new red blood cells and boosting your immune system.

Improves CholesterolAlmonds also contain one of the highest amounts of monounsaturated fats, comprising over 60% of the fat content of almonds. According to a 2005 study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, eating almonds as part of a healthy diet was found to be just as effective as some pharmaceutical drugs at lowering "bad" LDL cholesterol levels.

Helps Regular Blood Sugar. A 2007 study in the Metabolism Journal showed that eating almonds along with white bread regulates spikes in blood sugar and lowers the GI of the meal.

Ample Nutrients. High in fiber and protein, as well as many micro-nutrients like calcium, magnesium and potassium.

Almond Growing

Almond trees are ideally suited for dry, warm climates such as central California and the middle-east, both of which are two of the largest suppliers of almonds to Canada. The almonds we eat grow inside of a thick, hard outer shell that begins to split once the fruit is ripe. Mechanical "shakers" are used to vibrate the trees until the fruits fall, at which point it is collected and brought to a processing facility to remove the hull and harvest the almond seed. A drying process removes most of the moisture from the almond to help preserve it and reduce weight during transportation.