11 Ways to Re-Use Coffee Grounds September 05 2014

If you're addicted to coffee like we are, there's no shortage of coffee grounds that are typically tossed into the garbage, or into the compost bin if you're an environmental pro. That's right...

#1. Give them to your plants! While a compost heap works fine, the grounds can be added directly to the plant soil as well to add nitrogen. Plants that have been shown to respond well include roses, azeleas, hydrangeas and evergreens.


But did you know you can make your coffee beans (we sell some great ones) go even further? By finding creative uses for your used coffee grounds you can not only save money on other products, but make the planet a little healthier.


#2. Natural insecticide. Avoid store-bought chemicals by using coffee grounds to deter ants near your house, or snails in your garden. Neither insect likes coffee, though it shouldn't be a surprise for snails.

#3. Floor cleaning. The oils and moisture in the coffee beans after brewing make it great at picking up dust, as well as leaving a nice sheen on hardwood. Sprinkle some grounds before mopping and you'll prevent dust from being kicked up. The smell is just a bonus.

#4. Natural skin rejuvination. The left-over caffeine content in addition to other anti-oxidants make it great for your skin. Just add a cup of boiling water to the grounds, let is cool, then apply to your skin for 10-15 minutes. Because the skin absorbs chemicals so well, we recommend using organic coffee for this.

#5. Exfoliate! Similar to #4, you can also use coarse grounds (without the additional water) as an exfoliant for your hands, removing dead skin cells while rejuvinating them from the caffeine.

#6. Abrasive scrub. Coffee grounds can be used on cast-iron cookware to remove excess grease and scrub away left-overs naturally. The presence of natural coffee oils will help balance and maintain the oily protection cast-iron requires to cook well. No more throwing away perfectly good dish soap!

#7. Meat Marinade! You can use fresh grounds from espresso or strong-brewed coffee to add smokey flavour when sitting overnight.

#8. Colour wood scratches. Use coffee stains to your advantage by applying small amounts to scrapes and scratches in wood furniture with a q-tip - be sure to test for colour consistency first.

#9. Dessert flavour enhancer. Coffee naturally compliments chocolate and can be sprinkled into chocolate desserts like brownies to add extra kick that will leave your friends and family wondering what your secret is.

#10. Add shine and growth to your hair. Pre-mix fresh fine-coffee grounds with your conditioner and apply to your scalp, letting the coffee oils add shine to your hair. Coffee can actually help hair growth! Be careful if you're not a brunette or have otherwise dark hair (or dyed!) as the coffee may affect your colour.

#11. Natural soaps. Coffee is becoming a popular ingredient in high-end soaps with its anti-oxidants and caffeine. Add some grounds to your own soap recipe!


There's a great list of possible uses we hope you find helpful. Have your own recommendation on a way to up-cycle your used coffee grounds! Feel free to share with us.